About L@L PGR


The Language at Leeds Postgraduate Research Group (L@L PGR) is the postgraduate cohort of the University-wide Language@Leeds initiative. The group draws together postgraduate students from all University faculties, and acts as an intellectual forum for students for whom language is central to their research. We welcome participation from researchers focusing on any area of linguistics or language study.

The main aim of the group is to provide an opportunity for postgraduates from all disciplines to present, discuss, and publish their language-related research. Our principle activities are organising and hosting the fortnightly Language@Leeds PGR seminar series, editing of Leeds Working Papers in Linguistics and Phonetics, and organising student-led workshops designed to help students engage with anything from software to theories.

More information regarding the three key areas can be found by following the links below:

Seminar Series

Leeds Working Papers in Linguistics and Phonetics

Workshops and Working Groups



L@L PGR is  the postgraduate cohort of the University-wide ‘Language@Leeds’ initiative. The group comprises researchers across all of the faculties in the University, ranging from School of English, and the Department of Linguistics and Phonetics, to the Centre for Translation Studies, Institute of Communication Studies, the School of Education and the School of Computing, among many more.

Although this is a postgraduate group, it is not exclusive to postgraduates; members of academic staff and supervisors can (and do) attend presentations and provide feedback, and undergraduates are always welcome to attend too.


L@L group meets at 5pm-6pm on Thursdays, every two weeks. The ‘Programme‘ page on this site will be updated frequently.

The meetings consist of two 20 minute presentations, each with 10 minutes for questions and discussions. Alternatively, there may be one longer presentation of 40-50 minutes. Each meeting attempts to have a variety of subject matter, with representation of more than one discipline per session. Of course, interdisciplinary as well as collaborative research is welcomed and encouraged.


All meetings will take place in the Leeds Humanities Research Institute (LHRI), in Seminar Room 1 (previously called Seminar Room 3). The LHRI buildings are 29-31 Clarendon Place, or Number 25 on the University’s campus map (http://bit.ly/TYxVWP)

How to get involved

If you’d like to present, send an abstract of between 150-300 words to languageatleeds@gmail.com and a date or dates you’d prefer.

Follow us on Twitter at @LangatLeedsPGR

Drop into a meeting, Thursdays 5pm-6pm every two weeks (see ‘Programme’). Abstracts of presentations will be posted on this website.


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