Seminar Announcement: June 1st 2016

The ‘Language at Leeds’ Postgraduate Research Group (L@L PGR) is pleased to invite all interested postgraduates and staff to attend the group’s second seminar of this academic year on Wednesday 1st June, 4pm-5pm.

This session will include one research paper:

  • Hannah Betts:Department of Experimental Psychology, UCL: Multiple recent encounters with a word-meaning affect ambiguous word interpretation


 Understanding language involves retrieving the meaning of each individual word in a phrase. Since 80% of English words have multiple dictionary entries (Rodd, Gaskell & Marslen-Wilson, 2002), these ambiguous words can be interpreted in multiple ways (e.g. ‘bark’ – dog noise/tree covering), which complicates the comprehension process.  Listeners use sentence context to guide the interpretation of ambiguous words. However, recent experience is also important in determining how these words are disambiguated: comprehenders are more likely to disambiguate a word towards the meaning they have recently encountered just once (Rodd, Lopez Cutrin, Kirsch, Millar & Davis, 2013). Such word-meaning priming occurs presumably because a previous encounter strengthens the particular word-meaning linking, making the primed meaning more accessible for subsequent retrieval.  This talk will cover recent studies looking at how multiple recent encounters with a word-meaning influence how people interpret these ambiguous words.

The seminar will take place between 4pm and 5pm on Wednesday 1st June. All the meeting will take place in The Coach House, Hillary Place, School of  Education Building.

The L@L PGR group draws together postgraduate students from across the University and acts as an intellectual forum for those students in disciplines where any aspect of language is central to their research.

If you are interested in presenting at the Language at Leeds seminar, please find more details here.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

The L@L PGR Organisers.


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